Konpa artistT RJ Piverger was recently featured on konpaevents.com for a Q&A session. The session went as follow:

KE: What’s your name & what do you do?

RJ Piverger: My name is Roland Junior Piverger. Besides being a singer/song writer, I work and I’m a student.

KE: Where do you want to go with this?

RJ Piverger: I want to go far, where no one else has reached.

KE: What inspired your works?

RJ Piverger: My life experiences inspire my work.

KE: What’s the best thing about being an artist?

RJ Piverger: The best part about being an artist is when someone can relate their life experiences through my songs.

KE: Name three artists you’d like to be compared to?

RJ Piverger: There isn’t any artists that I’d like to be compared to. I just prefer to be myself.

KE: Who would you like to work with in the near future?

RJ Piverger: I have so much respect for all artists and find that each artist has something unique about them, that I would like to work with any artist.

KE: Can you share with us your most embarrassing moment in your music career?

RJ Piverger: My most embarrassing moment was in 2008 while playing in Haiti a the Yele Hati Festival, and the Maestro changed the repertoire while I was on stage, this caused a lot of confusions for me and  the musicians.

KE: Any current or future projects you are working on or promoting?

RJ Piverger: I have a lot of projects that I’m working on, and will be sharing them with the public soon.

KE: Can you give us a brief description of the creative process of your latest single/album?

RJ Piverger: To tell you the truth my latest single “ou fem wen high” came about while me and a group of friends were having a discussion about Haitian women, and how they are capable of making a man  feel high ‘san buzz’.

KE: What’s your favorite Car/food/movie or drink?

RJ Piverger: My favorite car is Range Rover. My favorite food is du ri, sos pwa, sos kalalou a krab. I like action movies.

KE: Without music…………………

RJ Piverger: I would be a screen writer

KE: Music is…………………………

RJ Piverger:  My life

KE: My Music Make me……………

RJ Piverger: Feel good

You can read the entire Q&A session by going to thi link



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